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Welcome to your complete one-stop platform for all things feeding. From that first meal all the way into toddlerhood, primary years and beyond, My Feeding Guide provides you with the most effective advice and practical guidance for raising healthy eaters with a happy positive relationship with food, and most importantly, a community you can relate to, and rely on!



Our methodology is based on combining the most up-to-date research outcomes and official recommendations, along with the nuances of real-life parenting. One without the other does not work. Our team, being all parents, translates the best in terms of theories, into practical doable plans that work in real life.


Our programs are developed and reviewed by certified specialists in their fields. We work with a wide variety of specialists across sectors, who are also parents, to ensure we provide you with holistic solutions to your specific needs, in one place, and working in harmony to ensure truly effective results.


We have been helping parents for years. Their feedback and experiences are an essential part of the enhancement of our programs. Don’t take it from us, hear directly from parents of babies who’ve started their feeding journey with us, and parents of picky kids who’ve had their mealtimes (& lives) transformed!

Our Story

Why We Exist

As I stepped into the world of parenting 8 years ago, and specifically the world of feeding my baby, I quickly came to realize how confusing and stressful this amazing milestone can become for parents, myself included. So, as I set out on my quest to educate myself on offering the best start for my baby boy, I also began sharing my findings, our feeding journey and own experience, and my love for cooking healthy meals that kids actually enjoy with other parents through my blog, Rana Cooks.

As my first born, Theo, grew into toddlerhood and beyond, so did my beautiful community of mamas looking for concise, straight to the point information and practical tips that work in real life for raising happy healthy and adventurous little eaters. Speaking on a day-to-day basis with real parents in our community about food and little ones gave me a unique insight into the common gap in terms of resources and support that we struggle with.

There’s plenty of information on nutrition for babies and toddlers, tons of course and guides on what to start with and meal plans for the first few weeks of solids, lots of theoretical advice on handling picky eating and tips & tricks on how to try to get them to taste… However, none of it truly addressed the challenges of translating all those into our daily parenting approach. None of it teaches us the importance of building a healthy and happy RELATIONSHIP with eating, and a trust-based relationship with us, the parents, around the table and how everything else would fall into place once that base is strong. In fact, how THAT is the key to enjoying joyful mealtimes and raising healthy happy eaters not just in childhood but into adulthood as well!

So, here we are, addressing this need with My Feeding Guide! A platform dedicated for offering you a holistic approach and the kind of guidance on your feeding journey, which I wish I had available when my kids were younger. Over the years, I’ve worked closely with amazing specialists – who are also moms themselves – across many related fields, from pediatric nutrition, to occupational and speech therapy, parenting experts and psychologists… and with their input & guidance, I have worked hard on bridging together all the factors that play a role in our kiddos feeding experience. Our programs are designed not only to offer you essential information on starting solids or managing picky-eating, but also help you assess the root cause behind any challenges you face, using a very holistic view, so that your family gets the exact type of support you need.

I want you and your family to enjoy the bliss of happy mealtimes like I do. Let’s help you get there!

Rana Abou Salman

Founder of My Feeding Guide

Off To The Best Start!

My Baby Eats

We want your baby to have a solid base with food, allowing him to develop the foundation of a healthy positive relationship with eating right from the start, and to grow into his toddlerhood years, and further into his adulthood, as a confident, happy, healthy eater.

And we want you to avoid falling into the most common mistakes that turn this milestone from an exciting one, to a dreadful daily stressor later.

Our Mission

We are very passionate about our mission: to give every family the best start possible, one that transforms mealtimes and feeding from a stressful chore, to a truly enjoyable time for both baby and you. The right start defines how the rest of your child's food journey will be like, and we want it to be happy & healthy.

How we help

Our tools are designed to give the busy parent the most practical time-saving way for learning.

• One-of-a-kind comprehensive course
• Live workshops
• User-friendly digital guides
• Video tutorials
• Live chat guidance throughout your journey

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Re-setting Picky Eating

My Toddler Eats

Got a toddler between 1 and 6 years old?

Meal times have turned into daily battles and constant stress?

Not sure how to deal with it all?

Wondering if it’s more than the ‘normal’ toddler pickiness you keep hearing about?

Our Mission

We want every family to enjoy the pleasures of sitting around the dinner table with every member happily eating. An essential daily act like eating should never be a source of stress neither for parents nor for the child. Our mission is to help you get there!

How we help

• In-depth free assessments
• Uniquely holistic 4-week program
• Action-oriented consultations
• Live workshops
• User-friendly digital guides
• Video tutorials
• Live chat support throughout your journey

Our Team

Meet The Specialists

Our team is made-up of passionate mom combining a wide array of specialties, backgrounds, and their experience of working daily with parents all over the world. This ensures our services provide holistic solutions that truly meet your family's needs.

Rana Abou Salman

Founder, Parenting Enthusiast, Rana Cooks, Mom of 2

Hala Sahili

Pediatric Nutritionist, Breastfeeding Consultant, Mom of 1

Fatiya Al Hajj

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Feeding Therapist, Mom of 2

Yasmine Chamseddine

Speech & Language Therapist, Mother of 3 kids

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Tried & tested kid-friendly recipes

One meal for the whole family!

Offering new food in a way that's tried and tested kid-friendly can make a big difference in not just your kiddo accepting to try out something new, but in our kitchen dream as parents: making one meal the whole family can enjoy!

Our founder happens to be a passionate cook and recipe developer. In fact, her whole journey getting here started with a simple cooking blog focused on making healthy food enjoyable for kids, and easy for parents. Check out her recipes if you need some inspo!

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Our Clients Testimonials

What Parents Like You Are Saying

Raya Haida

My Baby Eats Course

We struggled when we introduced solids to our baby. We tried following what we usually know is the way to go by introducing purees and feeding her ourselves. It didn’t feel right! She wasn’t enjoying being fed and we were getting frustrated when she wasn’t eating. I decided to learn more about BLW and booked the course with Rana. I saw the immediate change in her eating “habits”. Now, we share our meals with our baby, it is an enjoyable time for everyone and we no longer worry about what to feed her as she eats what we are having. I definitely recommend her sessions to parents interested in trying this approach

Nour Soueid

My Baby Eats Course

Where to first gave me plenty of meal ideas, (MY FAV basic pancakes), u helped me enjoy mealtimes after being very stressful, helped my baby have a positive relation with food. I followed all your tips on BLW and my baby eats independently now shes 1.


My Baby Eats Course

This workshop changed my perspective on BLW. I now understand that is is not just about offering finger foods it’s a whole experience. Rana made the information easy to understand and provided many examples and also backed her information with research and the help of a pediatric nutritionist.


My Toddler Eats Program

This workshop was a game changer! Not only did I navigate out of an extreme picky phase (which felt almost impossible to get out of) using all the little tips and tricks I learnt from the workshop but I am also much more relaxed and less stressed around meal time. I used to dread meal time – I would literally have anxiety from before I opened my eyes in the morning thinking about breakfast. Now it feels almost normal thanks to Rana and Hala’s guidance. Before the workshop I was almost down to 5 go to safe foods – dishes now I serve my daughter whatever we have even things she has never seen before and she is happy to try and even eat it 95% of the time. All it took was 2-3 weeks to make this shift!

Joanna Ajaj

My Toddler Eats Progam

Okay maybe I have so so so much to say, first of all you’ve fixed my baby’s relationship with food. You’ve given me so much support. You released all the stress I had concerning eating. You were always here to answer me and give me all the tips with much love and care. Let me tell you that your page is the only one on my new insta favorite list. Your recipes never fail, your tips and advice never fail, you are so realistic and never pretend to be perfect. I wait for your stories every single day because you and your family draw the smile on my face 🌹keep going, I and all of us know how much effort you put and we truly admire a lot. I wish you all the best Rana. I will pray for you and your family to be in good health and to stay safe and happy ❤