My Toddler Eats

Is My Child a Picky Eater?

One day you had a happily eating baby, and the next, you’re struggling with an increasingly picky toddler and very stressful mealtimes… or maybe feeding your child has always been such an exhausting chore?

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My Toddler Eats

What is it about?

We have developed a one-of-a-kind program designed to offer you all the information, tools and guided support to help you shift the tracks from a challenging & stressful feeding journey with your little one, to a happy healthy one - once and for all!

We know you've probably already tried every trick in the book (or online), and feel like nothing's truly working. We get that a lot. And we promise, this time it will!

How is it different?

Being parents ourselves who've gone through 'picky', and being specialists who've been working with parents for years, we've identified the major gap in main stream education about feeding kids in general, & picky eaters in particular.

Before we even talk about food or try to get your child to taste, there's a fundamental base we work on: your perspective towards feeding, and re-setting your child''s relationship with the table.

Who is it for?

If this is you, you'll want to keep scrolling:

- Parents of kids between 1 and 6 years old.
- Parents of kids who have always struggled with eating.
- Parents of toddlers who used to be great eaters and suddenly started becoming picky.
- Parents who aren't sure they have a picky eater but are always stressed about mealtimes.

But first, we assess!

Step 1: Free Assesment

Figuring out what you're dealing with

First, let's help you figure out what you're dealing with!

If you sign-up to the most amazing program ever but it doesn't really match your child's needs, you will not see any progress. Simple. That's why we've developed an assessment tool to help you figure out the type of support you need.

The assessment is two simple steps, and is for FREE:

  1. You fill up the assessment form
  2. You schedule your 15-min free call to further discuss your case with our team and receive their assessment and recommendations.


This process is complimentary, and comes with no obligation at all to join our program or book consultations, because we truly want you and your child to know what you’re dealing with, whether you end up getting support from us or someplace else.

How Does the Assesment Process Work?

This is an initial assessment designed and reviewed by our different specialists to help you identify the specific challenges that your child is facing and the most likely root causes behind them, both of which are unique to your own family.

In the majority of cases, the most common challenges are typical pickiness and developmentally normal behaviors, which over time, and with some negative habits forming along the way, regressed into very stressful dynamics and eating behaviors. At this point, a re-set is required for both you and your child, and changing how we parent around the table at home makes a huge difference.

However, in some cases, there are specific challenges getting in your child’s way that have been truly preventing them from being able to eat as they should, no matter how you deal with things at home. These could range from sensory processing, to oral motor development, to psychological or developmental or medical issues. The assessment process is designed to allow us identify potential red flags which require specialized intervention, in which case we put you through our referrals system to ensure you get proper diagnosis and holistic support addressing your family's unique needs, which could instead of, or alongside the program.

How Does the Program Work

Once you’ve been qualified to join our MY TODDLER EATS program, you will be able to sign up for the next round coming up.

- We have a new program round opening up almost every 2 months.

- It is a 4-week program, and the groups are small & personal.

- It includes 3 live group workshops, all recorded, 1 one-on-one online consultation, weekly action plans, daily follow-up & guidance in implementation through an exclusive support group chat, reference material and curated resource lists.

Is My Child a Picky Eater?

Let's see what kind of picky eating you are dealing with, and what you should do about it.